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Dear Sir’s / Madam

Just Think,,, grass roots mass development of children's mini golf as a school sport in all South African Schools !

The South African Junior Golf Association (SAJGA) has been founded in 2001. It is the official Junior Golf Association of South Africa and operates independently. The only affiliation is through its founding director who is a full member of the Professional Golf Association of SA as well as a full member of the South African PGA Sunshine Tour.

The main business of the SAJGA is grass roots mass development of children's mini golf and to establish golf as an official school sport throughout all South African Schools. The SAJGA constitution also refers to coordinate, promote, advance, elevate and expand junior golf, in the age groups four to eighteen years, including all races, genders, sexes, religions, consciences, beliefs, cultures, languages, and ethnic or social origins. 


Golf amongst children in our country is only played by the privileged and Golf Clubs in general does not support children’s golf. Golf clubs across South Africa makes no provision, or has very strict limitations, regarding children playing golf. The Royal Burgundy Mashie Golf Course, Burgundy Estate , Plattekloof, Cape Town is known to be one of the most child  friendly golf clubs in South Africa.

The SAJGA children’s golf activity’s and development programs is of the highest standard in the world under leadership of the JUST THINK,,, Johan Engelbrecht Golf School International (JEGSI) who have already developed more than 12 golf professionals, either as members of the Professionals Golfers Association of SA and or members of the Sunshine Tour of SA.   

Development and administration to this nature in South Africa is non-existing, besides holiday events where the privileged are included but the masses excluded.

For more than 100 years children’s golf have not gained parity with other South African Golfing Bodies or Golf Clubs. We believe that a sporting code of this nature, as we envisage, must be controlled and administered by a professional body specifically established for that purpose.

The South African Junior Golf Association ®™ (SAJGA), the South African Schools Golf Association and the Just Think,,, Johan Engelbrecht Golf School International has formulated an affiliation and is filling this void establishing mini as an official school sport in schools across South Africa.

Not just coaching children but also empowering school teachers becoming “School Golf Coaches”, educate children in life skill values and prepare them for golf as well as the labor market via our various golf empowerment courses for children. (see remainder of document). 

300-400 SAJGA Franchises available in all 52 Districts throughout South Africa.

The South African Junior Golf Association (SAJGA) believes that the era to acknowledge children’s golf has arrived. Therefore, there is a great challenge to introduce golf to all children at schools level as well as at club level throughout South Africa. We believe that our initiative is sustainable and could expand globally. Thereby creating a pool of young golf athletes, boys and girls, to compete at schools level, regional, provincial, national and finally representing its country internationally.
As one considers the total number of children in our country, +- 14 million, we realize the masses of South African school children are excluded and will never receive an opportunity to be exposed to golf as a sport, neither will the masses get the opportunity to play golf on a proper golf course.
The South African National Government and Minister of Sport love the idea of mass inclusion concerning children’s sport. We believe that in presenting our plan and vision you will agree and see merit in our initiative. Our request is not only one of endorsement but also one of financial empowerment, reaching the masses as our vision expands to the most rural towns and left behind children.
Our holistic approach includes, not only golfing skills but also to prepare children for the labor market. Education includes but not limited to, 10 core life skill values, education, fostering a positive attitude, influencing the child’s mind physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Also teaching them not succumbing to negative trends like alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancies, gangsterism and crime.
Our twenty-five years collective experience and knowledge in amateur and professional golf development is ploughed back into children’s golf and believe that children’s golf as a school sport has a place in the South African Schools.

To your earliest convenience we are available to visit your office presenting our Mini Golf Clubs vision in person.

Thank you for the trust and confidence in the South African Junior Golf Association to present its plan as laid out in the remainder of attached documents.

 Yours truly

Johan Engebrecht

Ambassador Johan Engelbrecht
Founder & President: South African Junior Golf Association
AAA Member: Professional Golfers Association of South Africa
Full Member: Sunshine Tour of South Africa

( terms and conditions according to constitution apply regarding membership.)














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